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Using our machine

How to begin pouring

  • Tap the product or products you'd like to add to your order

    • Every tap will add (1) ounce to your order​

    • We recommend 10 - 16 ounces

  • Tap "Pay" and then present your card or mobile pay device

  • Grab your cup and begin pouring

  • Make sure the tap handle is "up" when you are done 

Cups, milks, and ice

  • Certain buildings choose to keep cups, milks, and ice stocked differently

  • In general, there will be a certain number of disposable cups, lids, and straws in stock at each cart. We encourage users to make an environmental decision and use their own reusable cups or tumblers whenever possible :)

  • Please be a good neighbor and do not take the plastic cups away for personal use

  • If your building does not provide milks or ice, we recommend bringing your own (if needed) from your apartment or kitchen space

What if the machine is out of stock?

What happens to my purchase? 

The machine will only pour a little bit of coffee

  • We are constantly monitoring our machines to make sure they remain clean and in stock 24/7

  • If a machine does appear "Out of Stock" we apologize for the inconvenience! We are likely already on our way, but please let us know via Instagram, our help line, or our online Chat feature

  • If our machine runs out of product or nitrogen gas during your order, it will remember exactly how many ounces of product it still owes you!

  • If you tap "Already Paid" and present your card or mobile pay device, the machine will bring up your account and pick up where you last left off

  • If the machine is not pouring a full cup, please ensure you have selected enough ounces

    • 1 tap will only pay for and pour (1) ounce. 

  • If you are sure you have ordered a full cup, and the machine still will not pour, please call our help line at: 908-217-9612​

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